carpets cleanedBefore you start a carpet cleaning business, you need to gain experience in carpet cleaning and this can only be done by working as an employee or apprentice for a cleaning company. The experience you gain provides you with the right customer service skills, knowledge of how to clean different types of carpeting and also how to run your own business. If a carpet cleaning business is successful, it should able to offer quality services like deep carpet cleaning, removal of carpet stains, general care of carpets, area rugs and specialty rugs.
If you want to set up a carpet cleaning business, the following are the steps to take.
  1.  You have to create a business plan to help you stay focused during every stage of business development. Split your plan into four parts and then include notes on the types of carpet cleaning services you intend to provide in the first part. Place focus on residential or commercial carpet cleaning, or you can do both. It depends on skills and interest. In the second part of your plan, make a list of cleaning supplies and equipments needed to run your business and include their cost. Write out your daily expenses like Internet, phone, employee costs and transportation costs in the third part. In the forth part, describe your marketing strategy and estimate of expected earning in your first year of business.
  2. Choose a location for your cleaning business. If you intend to work from home, make out space for an office where you can store equipment, receive calls, do bookkeeping duties and also store files. If it an on-site area rug cleaning services, get a place that is spacious enough to clean different sizes of rugs. This space must have a proper drainage for wastewater removal, water hookups for hoses and pressure cleaning equipment and also ventilation.
  3. Apply for a business license from the county clerk’s office that serves the where you want to start business.
  4. Purchase insurance for your business such as workers’ compensation if you are hiring employees, general liability, product insurance to protect business assets in case of a settlement or lawsuit.
  5. Get carpet cleaning equipments. You can get these from online or from local industrial equipment manufacturing or leasing companies or carpet cleaning supply companies. The equipments needed are industrial vacuums, carpet brushes, deep carpets cleaned type machines, chemicals for cleaning and storage tanks needed for wastewater. A company vehicle might also be needed, you can purchase or lease it.

how to install basement toilet

Today, i want to do a summarized steps on how to install a basement toilet, I learnt these tip from an old from old friend that runs a carpet cleaning service within the hood.
A macerating toilet should be used when installing a toilet in the basement. This type of toilet connects to a macerator unit that is behind it, which pumps waste through 1.9 cm discharge pipe after it has grounded it up with stainless steel blades. Since the unit usually goes behind the toilet and it connects to the piping that send waste up through the main plumbing system of the house, the macerating unit must firstly be installed in the basement.

The following steps should be followed when installing a basement toilet.

  1. The macerator unit should be placed in such a way that it will be behind the toilet’s location and it will connect to the back of the macerating toilet.
  2. A discharge pipe should be connected to the macerator’s drainpipe. This discharge pipe will feed into a piping system and then connect with the main drainage system of the house to get rid of waste.
  3. The macerator unit discharge adapter should be fitted onto the discharge pipe and the macerator’s outlet port to connect them. This port can be found on top of the macerator unit.
  4. The nut driver should be used to tighten the discharge adapter so as to secure it.
  5. The macerator unit can then be connected to an existing vent stack in the house with PVC vent piping. Doing this provides necessary ventilation.
  6. You can run a new vent line if the existing vent stack is not accessible.
  7. Position the toilet in the desired place in the basement. Make sure you mark holes where the toilet will be mounted on the floor.
  8. Remove the toilet and drill pilot holes into the basement floor, after drilling the holes, secure the toilet in place over the holes with two brass screws.
  9. Use an accordion-like gasket to connect the macerator unit to the back of the toilet and use a stainless steel clamp to secure the connection.
  10. Connect the toilet with the water-supply line, open the water shut-off valve and then plug the unit into a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlet. Flush the toilet and check for any leaks.

Top Home Decorating Apps

Selecting tools, color and the right furniture to decorate your home can be overwhelmingly difficult. Fortunately, there are apps for this and these apps helped me a lot when thinking of decoration choice i was supposed to discuss with a St. Louis interior decorator . Here are the top app home decorating apps that are especially useful to help you go through with that list of things to do on weekends.
  1. Zillow Digs
    The Zillow Digs app makes estimates ranging from internal projects from its database, then it goes as far as helping you source for products. All in all, it allows you to select a project t hat fits your price range. The application also provides real interior designers’ tips and social communication platform that allows you to share, and follow other users.
  2. Homestyler Interior Design
    This app tries out different looks for your space by juxtaposing actual products 3-D models of various furniture, lighting fixtures, etc. in real snapshot of your living room. Share your ideas in the Design Gallery and see what others are doing. See also profiles and portfolios of real designers in your area to ask questions and make connections.
  3. LikeThat Décor and Furniture
    This program allows you to identify the various pieces of furniture. Likethat can “read” an image and highlight one of its characteristics with its own digital inventory, a collection of over 25 million products. Shazam is to music what LikeThat is to furniture.
  4. MagicPlan
    MagicPlan makes the ordeal of taking measurements and drawing up floor plans an effortless process. The app can calculate distances in space simply by analyzing a snapshot.
  5. Home Design 3D Gold
    This app allows you to import architectural plans and change spaces by itself; present new opportunities, raise ceilings, or remove all the walls, and then add in furniture and other services of your choice.
  6. MyPantone
    MyPantone is the ultimate arbiter of color – as regards the dispute as to whether a shade is turquoise or real, it has the last word. It also identifies the colors in your photos and expertly creates additional pallets.


Getting to know your back pain

Getting to know your back pain Although many people experience back pain during their lives but take it for granted since they assume it is similar to other types of muscular and skeletal pain. However, the back is the reason we human beings walk in an erect position (unlike other animals which cannot) and should thus be taken seriously. If you have experienced back pain, you need to be aware of certain aspects about this type of pain. Read on as we review a;l the important aspects ability back pain which you need to know to take care of you and those you love.

Types of back pain

Back pain exists in various types. If you have felt considerable back pain for a period of at least 12 weeks, you are then experiencing acute back pain. For the last six weeks of the acute period, you will be experiencing subacute back pain. If your pain persists beyond 12 weeks, you would be experiencing chronic back pain. If you have experienced a problem with your nervous system, your back pain would be a result of this issue and will be termed radicular back pain. If, on the other hand, you experience back pain as a result of another type of disease such as cancer or arthritis, you would be suffering from specific back pain. If the cause of the pain is due to any other conditions such as the tearing of ligaments or spraining of muscles, you are suffering from the nonspecific type of back pain.

Back pain diagnosis

If you are experiencing back pain, you need to visit a trained medical doctor who will carry out a diagnosis to establish the cause of your discomfort. For most cases, you need provide your medical history so that they establish what exactly causes your pain. For the most part, your back pain could be caused by another disease rather than a single sprain of the muscles. Thereafter, they will take you through a process where you will be subjected to an X -ray and/or CT-Scan, ultrasound or other specific procedure as per the extent of your illness. These tests will reveal the source of your pain.

How to manage back pain

According to the results of the diagnosis, just like i saw on marks’ own, given to him by a St. Louis chiropractic doctorthe medical professional will advice on the medicine to take so that you obtain relief and speed up the healing process. First of all, painkillers will be administered to reduce the pain experienced. For the rest of the the healing process, other medicines will be administered. If the specific disease causing the discomfort is identified, it will be treated alongside the back pain to ensure you heal wholesomely. For the correction of the alignment of bones in the back or the rest of the body, physiotherapy is advised to allow the patient eliminate the bone misalignment. You need to obtain advice for the medical professional on what maneuvers to avoid.

Generally, when lifting weights, use your leg and thigh muscles rather than your back muscles. This will prevent putting a toll your back muscles.

Breast Size and Upper Back Pain?

best St. Louis chiropractor Women  with  big  breast  often  complain  about  the  back  pain  that  they  experience  as  an outcome. Such  back pain ranges from mild to severe, with some even developing bad  posture as an outcome. Big breast also put ladies at a danger of developing spinal deformity. The weight of the breasts may cause strain on chest muscles and shoulder.

There are vital considerations you should keep in mind if you want to improve your breast size significantly with the help of growth surgery.

Why do big breasts cause spinal and back problems?

Big  breasts  tend  to  cause  a  shift  in  the  middle  of  gravity which  leads  to  a  full  host  of  other issues in the body. Big breasts are further weights which extend far beyond your general center of gravity, leading to up to ten times the amount of force being placed on the spinal column. This  is a  problem that gradually  develops which causes to other problems  in the  long  run. The out coming change in a posture may cause to disc hernia or a pinched nerve.

How big breasts affect posture

It is a hidden effort that women make to  change their posture in order to  compensate for the further weight from particularly big breast implants. The upper back tends to pull back, pushing the  chest  out  and  leading  an  arc  to form  in  the  lower  back.  Doing  this  will  provide  you temporary relief, but over time, it will become difficult for you to maintain this type of posture. Eventually, it leads to spinal injuries and back pain,, The process was well explained to us by the then best St. Louis chiropractor during a health section.

Complications from big breasts

The change in your spinal curve may cause to different issues that will affect back skin, nerves, muscles and bones.

As an outcome of the raise in breast size, the right type support bra is required. Because of the additional  weight,  bra  bands  may  dig  into  your  skin,  leading  long-term  brushing.  The  brushing can lead to skin teasing which in turn causes breast fungus.

Lordosis  is  another  problem  that  may  develop  as  an  outcome  of having  big  breasts.  It  is characterized by raised curvature of the spine as a result of increased weight.

Top Garage Door Materials

garage door repair in St. Louis Garage doors are available in many different materials, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. This is a quick summary of what each material has with suggestions on how to compare options.

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum shares many characteristics of steel, wood and has long lasting finishing. Aluminum is lighter and cheaper than steel, but it is likely to dent easily.

Stainless Steel

This is the most popular material for garage doors, and with good reason. Steel doors are reasonably priced, durable, low maintenance and available in almost any style you want. The steel can be painted, and textures available mimic wood. By purchasing steel garage doors, two options are especially worth giving a thought.

First, steel is a good insulator, so that the insulated doors are a smart way to save energy (and noise reduction).

Second, garage doors have steel plate whose thickness vary. Low-cost doors have thin panels of 27- or 28-gauge steel. While it is cheap and practical for many garages plates, these doors cannot withstand impact (from basketballs, for example). Mid-level doors offer 25- or 26-gauge steel (smaller gauge number is equal to thicker steel).

Quality garage door use steel that is of commercial quality at least 24 gauge, and of thicker steel. Some steel garage doors provide thicker steel inside and out.


Wooden doors were one of the first used for garage doors, and wood still appeals to those seeking traditional styles and material. Wooden doors are offered in a variety of styles, which can include windows. The most economical option is a flat chipboard painted wood. Wooden door color quality are more expensive, but offer the warmth of natural wood, which can make a big difference in the appeal of a home. Wood is a better insulator than steel, but steel doors provide better energy savings. Wooden doors should be maintained and regularly updated.

Composite Plywood Doors

These are made of recycled wood fibers. They offer the strength of steel with the look and texture of wood and can be painted or stained. Composites are superior to solid wood doors in resistance to decay and division.


Fiberglass garage doors represent a small segment of the market. The panels, which are enclosed in an aluminum frame can be painted and offer greater shock resistance than stainless steel. The glass fibers are very light, has poor insulation, and can disappear from exposure to the elements. But it is more resistant to salt water corrosion than other materials as a garage door which makes it a good choice for coastal areas.

These article was inspired as a result of high garage door repair in St. Louis, and i was like, Why the high rate? And i believe these will help you have a better knowledge of which door to buy to minimize repair cost.


Vacuum Your Carpet A nozzle attachment should be used to clean hard to reach areas. The baseboards and the carpet edges often collect dust and should be firstly removed. Vacuum both vertically and horizontally. The entire room should be vacuumed forward and back, repeat the process by going left to right. By going both directions, you are ensuring that every part of the fiber has been reached because they are typically twisted. This will also remove pets dander and hair if you have pets.

Shampoo Your Carpet

Carpet shampooing is oftentimes called “team cleaning”. It involves the use of detergent and hot water with the aid of a machine to clean carpet. The carpet should first be prepared and vacuumed according to the method above. Major stains in the carpet should be spot treated because the shampooer can remove grime or set stains more deeply. You can rent or purchase a carpet shampooer from grocery or hardware stores that offer rentals of cleaners. If you are renting, then make sure you prepare the room in advance so you don’t have to pay for a longer rental. Preferably, the cleaner should come with a built-in heating core that will make the water stay hot.

Ensure that you prepare the solution according to the directions on the bottle. In most cases, the water container on the machine should be filled with water and small detergent. Too much soap must not be added so as not damage both the machine and your carpet.

The extractor should be allowed to pull up as much water as possible. Mostly, cleaners are usually designed to lay down water if you push the machine forward and then suck it up if you pull it back. You must pull back very slowly and allow the machine to pull up as much water as possible. The carpet should be allowed to dry fully by ventilating the area. Windows and doors should be left open so as to allow free air circulation. Ensure the carpet dries completely within 24 hours so as to prevent mold. You can also set the air conditioner to a moderate setting like 72-78 degrees and leave the room door open if there is no window option.

To also encourage fastdrying, carpet dryers, blowers, dehumifiers, air movers and fans can be used also. Drying may take up to 12 hours and during this period, do not walk on the carpet or replace the furniture.

To rap it up, they are other process or methods one can implement when cleaning a carpet, i remember the last time i watched a show of an O’Fallon basement remodeling company cleaning the carpet of a home, their method was completely different from what I knew. There’s always more options to explore, we will discuss some next time.

3 ways to find a window repair company online

window replacement company Windows are an important investment in the home. With the right window replacement it is possible to add to the curb appeal of our home, add value to the home and have an energy efficient home. This is why it is important to make the right choice of a window repair company. With the right window installation company, it is possible to get lifelong benefits from your windows. Here are tips that you can use to find a window repair company online.

Carry background research

You need to start by carrying out an online search of window replacement companies in your area. A good place to start your research is in the Better Business Bureau. You can even get a list of members of the organizations that are in good standing with the BBB. Check the ratings of the dealer as well as the record of any complaints that are yet to be resolved. You can also post a query on the reputation of the company on areas such as Angie’s list. You can then shortlist two or 3 companies and ask for their bids.

The Better Business Bureau advises that you should refrain from selecting the first estimate you get from the window repair company.

Avoid getting too many estimates. There are customers who get as many as 6 estimates and this only serve to leave them confused. If you feel that there is a problem with the history of performance of the company, you should not be afraid to move on to the next company.

Ask for references

If you got the name of the company from any other source other than the Better Business Bureau, it can be beneficial to ask the company for references. Ask for the latest references from the company. Find out how long the company has been in business. Ask to see pictures of their latest jobs that they have done and are similar to yours. Choose a company that has been in business for a period of at least 5 years.

Ask for the references of customers who have had problems with the company. This can help you to understand how the company resolves its issues and whether they stand behind their work.

Quality service

Find out whether the window installation company uses high quality materials to do the installation. This will ensure that you have windows that are sturdy and can last longer. Before you can sign the contract, ask the company manager about the levels of skills of the workmen. Since installation can be as important as the product, you should verify whether the installer is qualified. It is important for the installer to provide different level of service such as energy efficient windows.

Ensure that the company has top class customer service. This will ensure that you can contact them to get all the information that you need. It is essential for the company personnel to have a good communication system that makes it possible for you to reach them whenever you need to. With these tips, it is possible to choose the right window replacement company.